An Array of Technology-Led Innovation In ARCHIDEX 2017

Technology is a leading force of innovation at AR17 with a thrilling array of award-winning inventions and solutions showcased from exhibitors. The second part of technology led companies headlining at this year’s ARCHIDEX 2017 is showcased here in our exclusive preview.

Keeping You Safe- Falcon Safe

Symbolising its namesake, the tough and highly intelligent predator, Falcon Safe proudly guards all that is precious and priceless through a sophisticated blend of technology, research, engineering and expertise to offer a durable and reliable brand.

Trusted to safeguard valuable keepsakes and prized assets since 1982, Falcon Safe Marketing Sdn Bhd manufactures a wide variety of safety boxes and cabinets and specialises in OEM customisation worldwide. Renowned for its strong and solid design gained from over 20 years of experience, Falcon Safe proudly attains international certification for its fire and burglary resistance features.

It carries high grade electronic safe locks that provide absolute security such as Kaba, Lagard, and Sargent & Greenleaf (S&G). Falcon’s Home Safe series utilises a unique locking mechanism, which consists of one combination lock and one seven-lever keylock. The series is loaded with 180 to 280kg of weight depending on specifications and model.

Showers of Bliss- GC Building

Luxurious showers are now an experience to be savoured in the comfort and convenience of residences instead of being confined to the occasional hotel and resort stay. Since 1996, GEA Building Supplies Sdn Bhd has been introducing renowned bathroom brands from Germany to the Malaysian market such as Dornbracht, Villeroy & Boch, Alape, Hoesch, Zeyko and more.

Utlising the best of technological advancements combined with aesthetics, bath times have become a luxurious experience. For instance, with the Dornbracht luxury shower, SENSORY SKY ATT, you experience showering in new dimensions and with all your senses. Water, light and fragrances are combined with one another by the latest technology and minimalist, timeless design. This interaction brings wellness at a luxury level.

Sensory Sky Att offers different rain modes; mist, lighting and fragrances complement one another in unique choreographies that are inspired by weather phenomena and the moods of nature. Large in size and flush to the ceiling, RainSky brings nature in all her glory to your private bathroom, as overhead and body sprays simultaneously dispense wellness and relaxation.

The deliberate use of the rain curtain to envelop you in warm summer rain creates a sense of relaxation that is the height of luxury. You are surrounded by a warm water curtain that shields you from everyday life on all sides.

The luxury shower not only boosts wellness to help you relax, it also gives you the chance to revitalise. One highlight is the cold water mist that delivers an exceptionally refreshing kick at the touch of a button. SENSORY SKY ATT is controlled intuitively and easily with digital Smart Tools. They can also be used to activate pre-programmed natural experiences.  Gently press the button to start the desired shower choreography. Whether the choreography is programmed or personal – SENSORY SKY ATT creates a unique sensory shower experience that is like showering in the open air – in your own bathroom.

A Seal of Strength- In House Steel

Established in 2004, steel specialists In House Steel offers a wide range of steel structural, wrought iron, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and glass works. Since its humble beginnings, the company has developed into a leading specialist through commitment to innovation, expertise and technology. It currently offers services for:

  • Main gates
  • Fences
  • Canopies
  • Skylights
  • Balcony railings
  • Staircase railings
  • Door and window grills

The range of materials available includes wrought iron, stainless steel, aluminium, timber, cable, glass and in different finishes.

Parking Right- MHE-Demag

An increasing number of vehicles on the roads in every country have to be parked in spaces that are becoming increasingly rare. That is a big challenge for city planners, architects, builders and building owners. To meet this demand, innovative and space-saving parking systems like those from MHE-Demag mechanised car parking systems are required.

In the last 20 years, MHE-Demag has been representing KLAUS Multiparking from Germany in South East Asia for supplying mechanised car parking systems. KLAUS Multiparking GmbH, is one of the most important suppliers of innovative multiparking systems worldwide with over 500,000 parking spaces installed. KLAUS Multiparking has 100 years of history and has 40 years of skill in the planning and production of parking systems. Among its innovations are:

MHE-Demag’s Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) parking solution is the latest addition to the family. It involves employing an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) to help drivers park their cars. In simple terms, it is like having a robot as your valet.

The MHE Auto-Transfer Parking Systems on the other hand are fully-automated car parking systems utilising shuttles and elevated transfer vehicles (ETV) to horizontally and vertically shift the cars to the nearest available parking bays.

MHE Tower Parking Systems are fully automated car parking systems which occupies the least area of land to store a maximum quantity of cars.

The MHE Puzzle Parking Systems lift and slide cars on pallets into the nearest available parking bay like in a sliding puzzle.

The MHE Doppeldecker Series are Stacker Parking Systems which provide two parking levels in the space of one.

MHE-Demag carlifts provide a space saving solution for transferring vehicles between different levels.

KLAUS Multiparking’s TrendVario systems make optimal use of the space available and offer the highest level of flexibility. The parking spaces are mobile as the platforms can be shifted automatically both horizontally and vertically, with the push of a button.

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