Stay Tuned for These Profiles in ARCHIDEX 2018

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A crucial yet often understated part of buildings are in its maintenance and cleaning. As more urban centres are developed and cities expand its boundaries, more existing buildings and newly built ones are in search of smart ways and technologies to help keep spaces spick and span.  ARCHIDEX 2018 will feature a brand new section that will be dedicated solely to the advancement of such features offered by an increasing number of local and international exhibitors showcasing sophisticated ways of building maintenance and cleaning. This dedicated profile will be showcased in the newly expanded Hall 6.


Building smarter, leaner and cleaner is the buzzword as an Industrialised Building System or IBS is gaining momentum in the Malaysian construction sector. IBS offers speed and efficiency across all areas of the construction process including sustainability and structural integrity.

IBS is simply a method of pre-fabricated construction or also known as off-site construction, where various components are manufactured on-site or off-site. It offers a host of benefits and solutions that are fast and reliable especially as compared to conventional construction methods.

The Malaysian government has also called for a compulsory application of IBS into various construction projects taking place.

In view of this, ARCHIDEX 2018 features a dedicated section on the various components of IBS itself so that you can have a thorough understanding. Various solutions, technologies, applications, innovations, software programmes and equipment including tools and machineries, will be featured in Hall 6.

For more information on the participation for both Industrialised Building System and Building Maintenance & Cleaning Services profile, please email

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