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An interview with Ar. Dr Tan Loke Mun, Co-Director of Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival (KLAF) 2020

We get up-close-and-personal with Ar. Dr Tan Loke Mun in addressing the thoughts of the specifiers on the recent launch of ARCHIDEX Online in complementing ARCHIDEX, the region’s leading architecture, interior design and building industry exhibition.
You shared in our recent webinar that the pandemic has brought 2030 to 2020. How is that changing the way architects work; in sourcing of materials and products. Also, how the young architects are adapting to this?
Yes, this pandemic has brought 2030 to 2020. Everything you thought would take 10 years to happen is happening now, for example virtual meetings. This pandemic has sort of forced many to digitalise their business. As a result, we are now forced to go online in seeking for projects and also the materials too. I guess this sort of opened up our horizons to more information and opportunities.

Young architects really are the future, as they embrace changes readily. For them, applications like Siri is a normal interface they go to for information. I think for young people, the only thing that’s lacking is a network of personal contacts. This is where the older generation need to help. I think if we can get to that level of trust virtually, it will be the ultimate goal in virtual connectivity.

With all that is going on these days, how crucial is it to rely on going online for businesses and what does it take to restrategise from the normal way of working?
During the MCO, I was pleasantly surprised when one of our clients, a developer accelerated into virtual selling and sold over RM200 million worth of properties. This shows that there are great opportunities out there, you just need to get hold of it.

I think whichever way you look at it, whatever you were planning to do, you have to do it now because of the constant changes. As a business, you have to sustain your overheads and staff. You have to strategise, otherwise you will surely lose.

The annual Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival (KLAF), established since 2003 has grown from year to year creating a tsunami of events that leads to its climax during DATUM and ARCHIDEX. Can you share how these events have impacted the architecture scene holistically?
ARCHIDEX and KLAF have managed to create a community for the building industry which year after year contributes towards the success of this platform as the Region’s Leading Architecture Business Event. In line with this objective, KLAF was created in 2003 as an annual festival to inspire Malaysian architects with ideas and help stimulate the architecture industry in the country.

KLAF will continue to be the catalyst towards bridging the industry stakeholders with each other for the purpose of gaining knowledge, keeping abreast with the latest industry updates and building relationships through networking.

Whatever you were planning to do, you have to do it now. You have to strategise, otherwise you will surely lose.

Ar. Dr Tan Loke Mun, Co-Director of Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival (KLAF) 2020

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ARCHIDEX Online is now live from the 1st of August 2020 in line with the launch of the ARCHIDEX Online Digital Month from 6 August to 4 September. For more information, visit

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