Quel International Sdn Bhd
Hall 7 | BOOTH NO. 7A011A

There is a saying that “The best things are meant to be shared” and Quel International has the privilege introducing The Premium German kitchen partner- SEA, as the first worldwide to offer PLYFORM- Plywood kitchens made in Germany.

The focus on quality details is a hallmark of Qi as the company philosophy is on the little things that matters. A fine selection of over 300 different hand-picked materials and finishes, including glass, solid wood and exclusive ceramic finishes, makes the possibilities of making the aesthetic of every kitchen unique and affordable for all projects.


Hall 2 | BOOTH NO. 2Q223

JohnsonSuisse, a familiar household name in the Malaysian market for generations, will yet again be showcasing its new and improved products in ARCHIDEX 2018. With guidance of its parent company Roca, JohnsonSuisse designs complete bathroom solutions to keep up with the increasing demand for better aesthetics, technology and userbility. In this annual participation in ARCHIDEX, JohnsonSuisse sweeps up 28 booths to bring you the complete perspective of its offerings.


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ARCHIDEX 2018 is a focus point for the robust architecture, interior design and building industry globally and we proudly welcome each and every one of our increasingly number of foreign delegates, visitors and exhibitors. This year, ARCHIDEX 2018 will host over 550 local and international exhibitors from 12 countries. Five international pavilions will showcase the very best of innovative design and technology available in their respective countries of Austria, China, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.

Aluminium For A Greener Future

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LB Aluminium Berhad
Hall 4 | BOOTH NO. 4F436

LB Aluminium is proudly ISO 9001 compliant alongside UKAS Accreditation and ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) Certificates.

Its window and door suites are designed with bigger depth and higher aluminium wall thickness to cater for glass panel of various sizes. Additional slots and grooves are also built into the profiles to accommodate the latest hardware and fittings for easy fabrication. Among its most recognised range of products are ‘Albesash’ Window Series, ‘Albedoor’ Door Series, and ‘Albexwall’ Curtainwall Series. Customised design is also available to meet different technical and aesthetic requirements.

Besides that, with the R40 Window Series and R50s Door Series from Domal – Sapa, LB Aluminium has managed to bring in a premium and renowned building systems brand from Italy.

Its aluminium extruded profiles are available in various alloys and tempers, to cater to broad spectrum of other industries such as electrical and electronic, transportation, engineering, furniture and others.



Hall 1 | BOOTH NO. 1D052

Whether you’re an architect, engineer or contractor, HP knows that you’ve worked hard to build your reputation. Accordingly, your printouts need to match your vision in creating a powerful impact.

Only the very best printouts could accurately represent your work. HP has designed a printer based on quality and reliability, so you could get all your work right, the first time. We created HP DesignJet Printers, because our reputation depends on yours.

HP DesignJet products offer fast speeds, high quality output, copy and scan capabilities, and web-connectivity features that allow professionals to access and print projects from wherever works take them.



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Layering and Colouring is a combination of aesthetics and acoustics that allows designers to create unique patterns using laser technology and colour combinations to create a richer and deeper designs.

Apart from aesthetics, the 2L2C functions to absorb sound waves, resulting in a far more precise sound quality. The visual stimulation paired by 2L2C combination with enhanced acoustic performance will allow for greater audibility and clarity of speech. Ekous 2L2C collections will provide an ideal environment for business meetings, presentations, one-on-one discussions, or creative brainstorming. A rich variety of patterns and colour combination will transform your meeting space into a stimulating hub of effective communication with inspiring interiors.

TaZ Corporation Sdn Bhd
Visit us at Hall 9 | BOOTH NO. 9B043

We Are Here For You.. 50 Years Unchanged

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Maica is 50 years young this year in 2018. We accept challenges and converting them into opportunities for us to learn and grow, and we continue to do so as international high pressure decorative laminates and compact laminates manufacturer in Penang, Malaysia.

For the past few years, we brought new technology products to you, and we are investing in technology once more as our highlight. Regardless if HPL or Compact Laminates, we have, in store, products to address your demands for Maica’s European Standard quality products.

Visit us at HALL 8A, Booth No. 8A124.

Winning is the Way Forward for 2018

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Terreal Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Award winner of New Product Award 2016

Diabolo® is a revolutionary flooring system that was inspired by renowned architect Renzo Piano during his first public visit to the Amiens Citadel. Terreal further enhanced and developed this idea into what eventually became our award winning product. This award had strengthened our brand, as we led the way in manufacturing flooring materials made out of clay. The award also enabled us to achieve stronger brand awareness among our consumers. We had received numerous enquiries regarding this product and we have also managed to secure our first project on Diabolo® earlier this year.


Eltafantech Asia Sdn Bhd
Award winner of New Product Award 2016

We managed to increase sales on our award winning products, as the awards were an endorsement to our excellent quality and helped gain confidence. We used the awards as a form of promotions in our marketing collateral by having the “winning seal” displayed. We also highlight our award during out pitches, as it helped with building confidence in our target audience.

Stay Tuned for These Profiles in ARCHIDEX 2018

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A crucial yet often understated part of buildings are in its maintenance and cleaning. As more urban centres are developed and cities expand its boundaries, more existing buildings and newly built ones are in search of smart ways and technologies to help keep spaces spick and span.  ARCHIDEX 2018 will feature a brand new section that will be dedicated solely to the advancement of such features offered by an increasing number of local and international exhibitors showcasing sophisticated ways of building maintenance and cleaning. This dedicated profile will be showcased in the newly expanded Hall 6.


Building smarter, leaner and cleaner is the buzzword as an Industrialised Building System or IBS is gaining momentum in the Malaysian construction sector. IBS offers speed and efficiency across all areas of the construction process including sustainability and structural integrity.

IBS is simply a method of pre-fabricated construction or also known as off-site construction, where various components are manufactured on-site or off-site. It offers a host of benefits and solutions that are fast and reliable especially as compared to conventional construction methods.

The Malaysian government has also called for a compulsory application of IBS into various construction projects taking place.

In view of this, ARCHIDEX 2018 features a dedicated section on the various components of IBS itself so that you can have a thorough understanding. Various solutions, technologies, applications, innovations, software programmes and equipment including tools and machineries, will be featured in Hall 6.

For more information on the participation for both Industrialised Building System and Building Maintenance & Cleaning Services profile, please email info@archidex.com.my

Global Aspirations

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ARCHIDEX 2017 to be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from July 19 to 22, it is a four-day trade exhibition that will feature over 550 local and international exhibitors representing leading brands in the industry from 11 countries comprising Malaysia, Austria, China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and United Kingdom, as well as Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region).

Exhibitors from near and far are a fixed feature in ARCHIDEX with an innovative portfolio of building materials, fresh designs and inspiring ideas. Here is a brief introduction of companies exhibiting within their respective country pavilions for this year:



Korean aesthetics take on a new level with SY Panel’s range of construction panels that enhances architectural features. Since it was established in 1994, the company has been introducing cutting edge design and thrilling new ways of beautifying facades.

Visit their booth at ARCHIDEX from 19 – 22 July at Hall 9, booth no. 9D075





Daebo Stone Trowel-Type is created from a specially designed water-based acrylic binder, which are mixed with natural stone powders that maintain natural stone patterns and strong adhesive on the surface. It is durable, weather resistant, and water proof applicable for in/external finishing.

Visit their booth at ARCHIDEX from 19 – 22 July at Hall 9, booth no. 9D079



This beautiful European nation is known for its splendid blend of design, technology and sustainability in a fine range of companies offering services and innovative products to the architecture and interior design industry.

Making a return to Archidex this year is TZ Austria, one of the most qualitative and reliable suppliers of the furniture and doors industry worldwide. With production sites in Europe, Asia, America and Australia, TZ Austria offers a wide range of high-quality furniture components such as panels or finished cuttings according to customer‘s requirements. The success of TZ Austria is based on the constant optimisation of the production processes in combination with well-trained employees, the excellent quality of used materials and the continuous development of innovative products. Among the brands exhibited include TecnoGlas HGN and HGS surfaces from TZ Austria, which are recognised for its perfect gloss, extreme surface silence, depth effect and UV-stability.

Visit their booth at ARCHIDEX from 19 – 22 July at Hall 5, booth no. 5M511



With elastic bearings made from the polyurethanes Sylomer® and Sylodyn®, Getzner provides efficient protection against these vibrations in buildings. These sound control systems can be installed directly in the building or along the transmission path. This results in highly-effective protection for buildings against noise and vibrations to provide higher quality living and working environments.

Visit their booth at ARCHIDEX from 19 – 22 July at Hall 5, booth no. 5M517


A digital, remote maturity sensor solution that operates in real-time and uses a portfolio of (reusable) sensor devices specially designed for construction industry. Concremote enables users to safeguard and optimise construction processes with less environmental stress-less noise, logistic, cement and CO2 emission.

Visit their booth at ARCHIDEX from 19 – 22 July at Hall 5, booth no. 5L510





The strength of Chinese companies is an increasing presence in Archidex with a broad variety of new exhibitions and interesting products such as the Yuhong TPO membrane, a flexible thermoplastic polyolefin roofing membrane made from the incorporation of an ethylene propylene rubber into a polypropylene matrix. The membrane is specifically formulated for long-term weather resistance without plasticizers. Yuhong TPO membrane has CE, Gost-R and FM certification.

Visit their booth at ARCHIDEX from 19 – 22 July at Hall 6, booth no. 6F789


The GM-D60 HEAT INSULATION SERIES of outward-opening fracturing bridge aluminum alloy window adopts high quality heat-insulation strips of nylon PA66GF25 with multi-point lock and groove design that adheres to European standards. The casement is installed with transmission strip and handles transmission components and adopts EPDM adhesive tape, which has good sealing property. With excellent wind pressure resistance, water tightness, air tightness, acoustic insulation and thermal insulation, the series is suitable to middle-grade and high-grade residence.

Visit their booth at ARCHIDEX from 19 – 22 July at Hall 6, booth no. 6F774



The Xiamen Yingliang stone is another showcase of interest, which are exotic natural stones ideal for interior decoration. The stone’s luxurious and elegant properties are very popular with a wide choice available.

Visit their booth at ARCHIDEX from 19 – 22 July at Hall 6, booth no. 6E769





Singapore’s superiority in efficient solutions comes to the fore with a range of exhibitors showcasing a varied collection this year.

Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, Big Ass Fans design, engineer and manufacture overhead and directional fans that range in size from 45.7cm to 7.4m in diameter. Unlike typical fans, Big Ass Fans couple energy-efficient motors with patented aerofoil designs, inspired by airplane wings, to move large volumes of air quietly and efficiently. The company offers five fans certified with Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) labelling scheme. Each Big Ass Fan is individually inspected and tested to ensure unmatched quality and performance. A testament to that approach is the company’s research and development lab, the world’s only such facility constructed specifically for testing large-diameter fans.

Visit their booth at ARCHIDEX from 19 – 22 July at Hall 6, booth no. 6F762


Another Singapore based company is Catalyste, which looks to disrupt traditional mindset and processes. By collaborating with brands to explore uncharted markets, the company connects the dots through a balance of ingenuity and diverse networks to drive momentum and transformation to deliver extraordinary value to its stakeholders.

Visit their booth at ARCHIDEX from 19 – 22 July at Hall 8, booth no. 8M263A


Greenlam is the Asian market leader in High Pressure decorative laminates. It features the widest range of innovative laminate designs in an exclusive array of finishing and textures. With additional expertise in technical excellence, Greenlam is the first laminate company in Asia to feature a complete range of anti-bacterial laminates. Its superior design also complies with international quality standards, like those NEMA of the United States and British Standard of the United Kingdom while its quality, environmental systems and processes are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, GREENLABEL and GREENGUARD certified.

Visit their booth at ARCHIDEX from 19 – 22 July at Hall 8, booth no. 8H227