Safer, Faster, Greener: The Future of Construction is IBS

As sustainability takes centre stage at ARCHIDEX 2024, we have curated a host of Industrialised Building System (IBS) providers, excited to contribute their technology, crucial in achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

With construction a major carbon and waste producer, IBS components promises a respite. Manufactured in a controlled environment, you get precision in measurements reducing construction waste. Plus, contractors experience savings, convenience and efficiency from production processes that run in parallel with site preparations.

“It’s a faster method of building, lowering the carbon footprint associated with prolonged construction activities, while safeguarding materials from weather damage,” explains IJM IBS Sdn Bhd Assistant General Manager Ir. Chan Huan Ong.

IBS materials also enhance energy efficiency, allowing for better insulation and energy-efficient designs, while its exceptional durability reduces maintenance costs and materials throughout the building’s lifespan. This durability also makes it weather-resilient in the face of our escalating climate change.

“Steel brackets ensure the building’s structural integrity by independently supporting the weight of the wall panels. If one section were to be damaged, the others would not be affected,” says Michael Tan, Sales Executive at Kim Hoe Thye Industries Sdn Bhd.

His company manufactures HENNER sustainable walling solutions and regularly showcases them at ARCHIDEX.

“ARCHIDEX gives us an excellent platform for networking, and we have secured several contracts here,” he adds.