ACYA Youth Forum Empowers Asia's Next Generation of Architects

ARCHIDEX 2024 hosted the ARCASIA Committee for Youth Architects (ACYA) Youth Forum, where budding architects gain valuable knowledge and insights from their experienced peers.

“As young architects, we’re trying to pursue a career in architecture and seek out internship potential, so when the organisation supports you, it is really powerful. You feel like someone is pushing you, encouraging you, giving you support to go on the right path and direct you,” said Ain Shams University graduate Rana Alshafei.

“This platform for sharing ideas is great for up-and-coming architects, and also good for the industry, as it helps to connect ideas from past history with new ideas,” said Society of Nepalese Architects executive treasurer Ar. Lokendra Acharya.

It also has the potential to develop leaders, as broadens exposure fosters innovation in future endeavours.

“The youth forum that we had today is a great platform for young architects to talk about the profession and creating healthy work culture,” said Anupam Deb, Joint Secretary, Indian Institute of Architects (IIA).