Experience Future-Ready Construction Technology and BIPV at the China Pavilion

Step into Hall 7 and you won’t miss the magnificent China Pavilion, featuring little cities and big ideas in the building and construction industry. They also bring a key technology in the construction industry, Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), solar panels seamless integrated into the building envelope that will hasten the achievement of carbon neutrality for many companies.

 China sees ARCHIDEX as a productive avenue for inter-company partnerships that could involve two or more synergistic companies from across the region collaborating to scale-up technology capabilities for the construction, built and architecture industry.

 “Also, this is a friendly platform for co-learning. We can reach out to many customers and learn from each other’s strength and technology to produce better methods that will not only benefit us, but the environment as well,” said Carson Zhang, Executive Director, OSR.

 Zhang emphasised that BIPV is a game-changer in the construction and building industry, accelerating potential for low carbon buildings and green buildings.

 “We chose ARCHIDEX as it is an international platform and involves a lot of construction related companies, allowing us to reach the right clientele for our business,” Zheng explained.

 He added that the Chinese government also strongly endorsed their participation, citing ARCHIDEX as the most suitable platform to showcase China’s excellence to the world.