4 Nations' Meeting Paves the Way for Regional Architecture Growth

During ARCHIDEX 2024, a spirit of regional collaboration took centre stage at the 4 Nations’ Meeting. Representatives from the leading architectural associations of Malaysia (Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia – PAM), Singapore (Singapore Institute of Architects – SIA), Thailand (Association of Siamese Architects – ASA), and Indonesia (Indonesia Institute of Architects – IAI) convened to reaffirm their shared aspiration for the advancement and modernisation of the Southeast Asian architectural landscape.

Co-chaired by Ar. Melvin HJ Tan, President of SIA; Ar. David Teoh, Honorary Treasurer of PAM representing its President; Asae Sukhyanga of ASA; and IAI’s representative, Ar. Shandy Sihotang, the meeting served as a platform for deeper understanding of each nation’s architectural market and the identification of mutually beneficial opportunities. The impressive scale of ARCHIDEX itself underscored the potential of these collaborative efforts.

Sharing a common climate zone and facing similar challenges, architects across Southeast Asia possess a wealth of knowledge to be exchanged and leveraged. ARCHIDEX serves as a vital facilitator for this knowledge exchange, fostering stronger ties within the broader ARCASIA (Architects Regional Council Asia) network.