ARCHIDEX 2024: A Resounding Success

ARCHIDEX 2024 concluded with tremendous success, drawing an impressive 40,336 visitors from over 100 countries and regions. This year’s event solidified its reputation as a premier platform for connecting key players in the architecture and design industry. Attendees had the unique opportunity to engage with cutting-edge technology trends, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Building Information Modeling (BIM), which are revolutionising the field.

The exhibition showcased the latest developments in materials, with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Visitors were introduced to innovative products and solutions designed to reduce environmental impact and promote eco-friendly construction practices. This focus on sustainability was evident throughout the event, reflecting the industry’s commitment to responsible and forward-thinking practices.

This year, in a historical first, the ASEAN-China Ministerial Roundtable on Construction and Housing (ACMROCH) 2024 was held alongside ARCHIDEX, showcasing a strong synergy between the events. This strong governmental and regional involvement underscored the event’s growing significance and contributed to making it one of the largest and most impactful exhibitions to date.

With networking opportunities bringing together architects, designers, developers, and industry professionals from around the world, as well as informative sessions, workshops, and presentations offering insights into the trends and innovations, ARCHIDEX 2024 is shaping the future of architecture.

It was a four-day event to remember – a dynamic evolution of the industry, that will define the built environment for years to come. See you at ARCHIDEX 2025!