CSCE Showcases Green Building Technology at ARCHIDEX 2024

Global construction leader China State Construction Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd (CSCE) takes center stage at ARCHIDEX 2024, showcasing their cutting-edge technologies that drive sustainable building practices.

Among their innovations is a proprietary solar panel technology generating up to 180W per square meter, already implemented in numerous new buildings across China.

These high-performance panels generate more than enough electricity to power entire buildings, therefore the excess is fed back into the grid, creating a revenue stream for building owners.

Beyond solar power, CSCE champions Modular Integrated Construction (MIC). This revolutionary method involves prefabricated houses in a controlled factory environment, minimising on-site construction time and pollution. Additionally, the modular design allows for disassembly and reassembly, enhancing adaptability and sustainability.

Nicole Kok Shee Min, a CSCE site quantity surveyor, emphasises the growing adoption of solar technology in China. She expresses hope for wider implementation of these sustainable practices within the construction industry.

“In Malaysia, solar energy isn’t as well-known, but the trend is slowly heading that way. We are starting to see an increase in China, so hopefully other countries will see the benefits and also embrace solar energy,” she said.