Fostering Expertise and Respect in Heritage Restoration at ARCHIDEX

ARCHIDEX plays a pivotal role in safeguarding Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage by fostering collaboration between diverse stakeholders. The event serves as a platform that bridges the gap between technical expertise, material suppliers, and specialised disciplines required for meticulous heritage site conservation.

Heritage conservation is crucial for preserving the identity and cultural significance of historic buildings. Authentic preservation demands workmanship and materials that meticulously replicate the originals, ensuring that the building’s character endures. This demands synergy between technical competency and creating the right mindset among those involved in restoration.

Modern manufacturers should not shy away from participating in these efforts, as contemporary materials can be adapted for use in conservation. Meanwhile, multidisciplinary modern technology in imaging and restoration disciplines enable precision and effectiveness of conservation work.

“A common misconception is that heritage only pertains to ancient structures, but it also includes architecture from the 19th and 20th centuries,” says ICOMOS Malaysia Immediate Past President Ar. Tiong Kian Boon.

Heritage serves as a vehicle for cultural identity, creating a sense of place and continuity. Proper maintenance and management are crucial to protect these buildings from neglect and the elements, ensuring their preservation for future generations.

“Unfortunately, many heritage buildings suffer from improper restoration and maintenance. Restoration should not be driven by profit or consumerism but should focus on genuine appreciation and enjoyment of the site’s significance. Heritage is not merely an economic resource; it is a ‘commons’ that should be accessible to and managed by the local community,” says ICOMOS Malaysia President Faisal Abd Rahman.