Home is Where the Garden Is: ARCHIDEX Showcases the Power of Integrated Landscaping

ARCHIDEX 2024 is buzzing with landscaping companies, as the desire for beautiful outdoor spaces has blossomed, especially with the rising awareness of healthy living and the quest to go back to nature.

Shahrul Zuhri, Operations and Sales Manager at Foliage Landscape Services Sdn Bhd, thinks landscaping shouldn’t be an afterthought, but rather a key player in the architectural design game.

“Roof gardens are currently a leading trend, along with the seamless integration of interior and exterior spaces. New developments are incorporating trees within high-rise buildings, indoor gardens, and exterior gardens. While the movement is gaining momentum, we must take a proactive stance. Despite the advantage of being a tropical country where everything grows easily, we are not fully utilizing this potential,” he said.

Landscaping isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s crucial for our psychological well-being. There’s rising trend for vertical gardens now as indoor landscaping becomes just as important as outdoor.

“We aim to introduce more greenery into buildings, creating uplifting environments. Imagine stepping into an office and seeing vibrant greenery instead of dull grey—it instantly boosts your mood,” said Chan Jia Chin, Project Manager at Vertical Greenery Sdn Bhd.

Even artificial grass can transform an indoor space, providing a serene atmosphere. “In areas where real plants and grass aren’t feasible, artificial grass is the perfect solution. It’s maintenance-free and still fulfils the need for greenery,” added Lai Pui Weng, Director of Paramount Grass Sdn Bhd.