Le Nam Megasheet Expands Reach at ARCHIDEX with Diverse Product Portfolio

Le Nam Megasheet, a renowned leader in the metal roofing industry, is looking to expand its presence further at ARCHIDEX next year, after the fantastic response achieved at ARCHIDEX 2024.

Presenting a comprehensive array of top-notch products, all designed with performance and client satisfaction in mind, this 30-year old company is excited to network with its existing customers and suppliers while meeting new ones at the expo.

Le Nam Megasheet sees ARCHIDEX as a valuable platform to connect with their target market. Visitors to their booth include contractors, designers, architects, engineers, and even end-users. These interactions provide an opportunity for knowledge exchange, allowing potential clients to learn about the latest advancements in metal roofing and materials for interiors and exteriors.

“Sometimes, having a great product isn’t enough. So, ARCHIDEX provides a unique platform for us to showcase our innovations and connect directly with potential partners and clients.” explains Wincen Khor, General Manager of Le Nam Megasheet.

Le Nam Megasheet proudly showcases a diverse range of materials. Their core brand, Ledex®, offers exceptional metal roofs, Jikowa® provides versatile materials suitable for both interior and exterior elements, while Ledex Premium® features screw-concealed solutions for a visually seamless finish.

“A key focus for us is incorporating PU foam into our metal roofing and interior solutions,” Khor explained. “This innovative approach significantly reduces noise levels, enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, we prioritise the use of high-quality metals, partnering with Bluescope Steel to ensure exceptional durability.”