Quel International Curates a Cohesive Design Vision at ARCHIDEX

Prepare to have your design dreams take flight at the Quel International’s booth at ARCHIDEX 2024, designed in partnership with United Carpets, Acacia Fabrics and Uniqbe’s Yeelight Pro. This curated haven transcends mere product displays, presenting a cohesive vision that ignites your creative spark. 

A symphony of textures and styles, this curated booth is designed exclusively for ARCHIDEX by Ar. IDr. Esmonde Yap from Spatial Factors Architects. Underfoot, United Carpets provide a foundation of comfort, while Acacia Fabrics’s elegant drapes are aesthetically enhanced by Yeelight Pro’s innovative lighting solutions that illuminate the space, perfectly complementing the inviting outdoor furniture by Vondom, a brand exclusively carried by Quel International.

Beyond the surface, Victor, a sustainable gypsum block brand from China and Biozone Scientific’s air filters, play a part in the set up, demonstrating the booth’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Quel International’s Managing Director, Ho Lai Kuan, said “We wanted a space that showcases how various materials and elements can work together. Our goal is to inspire visitors and demonstrate the potential of our brands for their next project.”