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A Life-Saver Innovation in Flood Mitigation!


SKB Shutters Manufacturing Sdn Bhd brings to the fore an extraordinary innovation, the SKB Powerless Flood Shutter is an architectural marvel designed to stand as the frontline of defence against floods. This first-of-its-kind flood shutter distinguishes itself with a unique, power-free, gravity-closing operation. This ingenious innovation witnessed and tested by SIRIM Malaysia is now marketed globally as the ideal flood prevention product to protect lives and assets, will be on display at ARCHIDEX to provide architects and planners with a critical tool in their quest for resilient, sustainable urban designs.
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Rainwater Solutions that Promise to Drench Malaysia's Water Woes!


BESSCO, with its ingenious line-up of rainwater solutions, is all set to change how we perceive rainfall. BESSTEM, BESSFLOW, and BESSRAIN combine to offer a complete rainwater solution, from efficient gravity rainwater downpipes to sustainable harvesting systems. Notably, these inventions stem from the realisation of how paramount efficient rainwater systems are in a tropical country like Malaysia. With a focus on sustainable materials and robust designs, these innovative systems are tailored to fit individual building needs, reducing frequent replacements and waste generation over time. From solving damaging effects of rainwater to recycling it for non-potable usage, BESSCO’s innovative systems not only save on water bills but also positively impact the environment, truly shaping up to be the much-needed shield against Malaysia’s perennial water woe.
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Lightweight, Sustainable, Future-Ready: Introducing HENNER AAC Blocks & Panels!


In the era of sustainability and energy efficiency, Kim Hoe Thye Industries Sdn. Bhd. offers a cutting-edge solution – HENNER AAC Lightweight Concrete Blocks & Panels. These autoclaved blocks and panels, made from sand, cement, lime, and expanding agents, have redefined future architecture by providing good heat and acoustic insulation, being lighter than ordinary concrete, and simultaneously offering significant cost savings in foundational and structural aspects. This innovative product champions sustainability by reducing raw material use, energy consumption, and production emissions. Furthermore, the blocks ensure wellbeing, offering superior fire resistance and sound insulation, contributing to lower cooling/heating costs and enhanced privacy for users.
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Crafting a Sustainable Future with Innovatively Engineered Glass Solutions


Experience the cutting-edge world of Ajiya Safety Glass Sdn Bhd, where its glass products transcend boundaries and elevate spaces across industries. From industrial and commercial structures to residential buildings and even furniture, their versatile glass solutions are revolutionising the way it interacts with our environment. Developers, architects, engineers, planners, designers, contractors, green consultants, and end users have embraced our energy-saving safety glass, renowned for its unrivalled thermal comfort and exceptional sound insulation. As a founding member of the prestigious Malaysia Green Building Confederation (MGBC), Ajiya have been leading the charge in developing sustainable building components, shaping a greener future for Malaysia.
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Aritco Homelifts: Reinventing Accessibility for Individuals with Limited Mobility


Aritco Homelifts, brought to you by Amalcon Engineering Sdn Bhd, is revolutionising the realm of mobility solutions. Their innovative SmartLifts offer an exquisite blend of design, accessibility, and eco-consciousness, turning every corner of your home into an easily reachable space. Aritco’s ingenious combination of energy-efficiency and 95% recyclability mirrors our vision of sustainability, while the customisable design options align perfectly with future architectural needs. Above all, these lifts serve as lifelines for individuals with limited mobility, ensuring safety and offering an enhanced sense of wellbeing and freedom.
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Eco Outdoor Transforms Concrete Jungles Into Green Sanctuaries


Eco Outdoor Sdn. Bhd., a forward-thinking company, is set to redefine urban landscapes through its innovative Sustainable Environmental Solutions. Capitalising on leading green product components, Eco Outdoor creates vibrant, sustainable green spaces that elevate the aesthetics of urban architecture whilst driving sustainability. Their pioneering solutions like vertical gardens, green walls, and green roofs not only bring nature back into urban areas but also support circular economy, resource efficiency and biodiversity to reduce carbon footprint, improve air quality, and mitigation of the urban heat island effect. Architects sourcing for future-proof designs will find Eco Outdoor’s solutions a harmonious fusion of architectural innovation and environmental stewardship, delivering an enhanced quality of life in our urban centres.
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Decoding Durability: Robina's Revolution in Laminated Flooring

STAND NO: 10B135

Robina Laminated Flooring by L&T Marketing Sdn Bhd is your ideal ally in the quest for resilient yet stylish flooring solutions. Built to endure heavy foot traffic, this robust flooring system is equally suited to bustling family homes and commercial environment as it utilises high-density fibreboard (HDF) crafted from offcuts of 100% Malaysia Tropical Hardwood. Robina Laminated Flooring champions responsible and sustainable manufacturing and this innovative approach relieves the demand for new timber, promoting optimal use of our precious wood resources, paving the way for preservation of natural habitats and biodiversity. Green Label Singapore, Taiwan Green Building Materials, and MYHIJAU Malaysia certifications underscore Robina’s commitment to sustainability. As architects strive for eco-conscious solutions in designing cities of the future, Robina offers an attractive blend of affordability, durability, and aesthetic appeal that brings value to homeowners looking to enhance their living spaces.

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Embrace the Quiet Revolution in Workspace Design


Versalink Marketing’s Acoustic Ergonomic Solutions – Pods & Silent Rooms are an evolution in modern office dynamics. Offering secluded areas within bustling offices, these innovations ensure privacy, enhanced concentration, and superlative productivity. Incorporating resource-efficient, eco-friendly materials, the pods and rooms embody the future of architectural design, prioritising sustainability and well-being. LED lighting and advanced insulation are just a few elements that minimise environmental impact. Biophilic design principles foster a serene atmosphere that reduces stress and nurtures productivity. Meanwhile, the modular structure allows for easy reconfiguration, reducing waste and optimising space usage, making them perfect for architects designing for sustainable cities.

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Sustainability meets Antibacterial Flooring Innovation

STAND NO: 10P295

Say hello to the future of flooring – Gerflor Asia’s DLW Linoleum. Designed for high-traffic areas, it embodies durability without compromising on aesthetic appeal. This revolutionary floor covering material, comprising 98% natural components, marries bio-based and mineral elements like linseed oil, wood flour, resins, cork, minerals, and jute fabric. Its unique Neocare™ solvent-free surface treatment not only wards off dirt, stains, and scratches but also demonstrates potent antibacterial activity against E.coli and MRSA. Exhibiting a magnificent reduction of bacterial growth by 99.9% within 24 hours, it optimises safety alongside style. DLW Linoleum’s sustainable production practices align with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, manifesting in Cradle to Cradle certified™ Silver recognition. This ingenious flooring solution’s robust palette of 159 colours offers architects an extraordinary fusion of sustainability and creativity for their designs.

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Palming Off Tradition: An Eco-Friendly Powerhouse Transforming the Architectural Realm


OnCore Palm Wood by IOI PALM WOOD SDN BHD is a revolutionary material, sustainably produced and engineered to meet stringent quality standards. This innovative offering encompasses a one-layer solid Lumber Core, a Blockboard with Wood Veneer and a versatile Three-Layer Panel. Developed from Oil Palm Trunks (OPT), this eco-friendly product offers a raw material alternative that promotes circular economy, avoiding deforestation while sequestering carbon. It presents an innovative, high-performance building material with desirable properties such as high strength to weight ratio, durability, and fire retardance. OnCore palm wood breathes new life into the Malaysian timber, furniture, and construction industries, offering a truly sustainable and scalable material that does not compromise on quality, marking a new era for architects, specifiers, and developers, and offering consumers a fresh, sustainable choice.

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ENVPLAS® Board - The Green Answer to Construction's Timber Trouble


Advancing a sustainable wave in the building industry, the ENVPLAS® Board by ENV Engineering Enterprise stands tall as a revolutionary plywood substitute. With more than 70% of its construction made from recycled PVC material, this unique innovation seeks to curb deforestation and unnecessary tree-cutting that typically caters to the growing demand for wood-based products. The product’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond its creation; once its purpose has been served, the board can be fully recycled, perfectly embodying the principles of a circular economy. Its versatility extends to various design applications, from wall cladding and partitions to furniture, allowing architects to blend aesthetics with sustainability seamlessly. Importantly, being a locally manufactured product, it reduces the carbon footprint associated with logistics and overseas transport, thus bringing architects one step closer to meeting the Green Building Index (GBI) assessment criteria. ENVPLAS® Board proves that an innovative, green future for construction is here.

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Experience the Sound of Silence with LEN ZON's Movable Silence Booth!


Welcome to the future of office environments with LEN ZON’s innovative Movable Silence Booth, designed to silence the cacophony of the modern open-plan workspace. This revolutionary product seamlessly blends functionality, design and wellness to transform your workplace into a sanctuary of productivity. Its sound insulation cotton and composite materials ensure excellent soundproofing, while built-in sockets and charging capabilities foster uninterrupted work. What’s more, its versatility extends to different configurations and partitioning capabilities, so your team can adapt the space to their needs. Tailored to the conscious architects of our time, the booth’s easy disassembly and mobility foster sustainability and flexible design – truly a breakthrough in future architecture.

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Doors of Destiny - Opening New Possibilities with Frontiera


Pave the way to modern elegance and sustainability with Frontiera, your one-stop solution for high-quality doors that promise to redefine standards. Crafted from mixed tropical hardwood, these doors are a marvel of durability and style, seamlessly integrating into any architectural design while respecting your budget. The extraordinary wood density of 1000kg/m³ speaks volumes about their strength, owing to an exceptional wood compression technique. These doors stand robust against the odds, resisting splits and cracks for long-lasting use. With certified sustainable forest management practices, Frontiera is not just a product; it’s a pledge to protect our precious tropical forests, a promise to support future cities with sustainable solutions. So, when you choose Frontiera, you choose more than just a door – you’re choosing to open the gateway to a more sustainable and aesthetic future.

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Italian Design and Innovation Merge in FENIX, Paving the Way for Sustainable Interior Design

STAND NO: 10E186

Conceived from the heart of Italian design, FENIX is more than an interior material. It’s an innovation since 2013 that embodies beauty, sustainability, and practicality. Formica’s FENIX, with its soft touch, extremely opaque, anti-fingerprint surface, owes its distinctive characteristics to next-generation acrylic resins solidified through Electron Beam Curing. Sustainability sits at the heart of FENIX – a carbon-neutral, paper-based material majorly comprised of bio-based elements, created using renewable electricity. The product, notably FENIX NTM Bloom, diminishes its environmental footprint by reducing phenol in resin by 50% and incorporating more natural materials. FENIX proves an ally for architects, offering a balance of aesthetics, functionality, and eco-consciousness in designs that envision a sustainable future.

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Ultimate Fusion of Rustic Beauty and Unmatched Durability


Immerse in the fascinating blend of natural aesthetics and high-strength technology as CSC Steel Sdn Bhd unveils their ground-breaking product, the realcolor® geo. This pre-painted galvanised steel redefines architectural norms with its captivating woodgrain pattern, perfectly suited for a range of applications from commercial spaces to transportation hubs and furniture. Not only does it bring the warmth and elegance of wood, but it also offers the robustness and resilience of steel, far outliving and outperforming its natural counterpart. Championing sustainability, realcolor® geo is also recyclable and can be produced from recycled steel, making it the ideal choice for eco-conscious architects aiming for responsible resource usage and minimal waste. With realcolor® geo, embrace the synergy of beauty, durability, and sustainability, truly transforming your space into a testament of the future of architecture.

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Formica Laminates - Your Stylish Partner for Sustainable Design and Better Living

Stand No: 10E186

Elevate your interior designs with the elegant, durable, and eco-friendly Formica Laminates from Formica (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. As the company steadfastly champions sustainability, the production process utilises green electricity and incorporates up to 70% bio-based content from renewable sources. These careful choices and conscious efforts were rightfully acknowledged when Formica Asia received the prestigious “Best Environmental Performance” award in 2022. Moreover, the antimicrobial technology ingrained within these laminates offers an added layer of protection, ensuring spaces remain not just beautiful, but also cleaner and safer. If you’re an architect sourcing materials that align with the future of sustainable architecture, Formica Laminates stand as a testament to the possibility of marrying functionality, style, and environmental consciousness seamlessly.

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The Blueprint for Future-Ready, Sustainable Architecture

Stand No: 2M191

Brace yourself for the future of construction with Vitally Industries Sdn Bhd’s Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP). Expertly designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable and future-ready architecture, Vitally’s ACP is not only fire-resistant and lightweight but also compliant with rigorous British, European, and American fire safety standards. Flaunting excellent weather and corrosion resistance, it promises a lasting aesthetic appeal, reducing waste generation, and facilitating environmental protection. With remarkable sound insulation and low thermal conductivity, it uplifts the indoor environment, promoting wellbeing. The locally manufactured panels also further sustainability by offering customised sizes, reducing transportation-induced environmental impacts.

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Conquer the Green Building Challenge with Mapei Malaysia's Keraflex Maxi S1 Zero

Stand No: 6A007

A significant leap towards sustainable future architecture is upon us, thanks to Mapei Malaysia’s revolutionary product, Keraflex Maxi S1 Zero. This high-performance adhesive, designed specifically for bonding ceramic tiles and large stone slabs, not only dazzles with its strength and extended open time but also stands tall in its commitment to our planet. It offsets its CO2 emissions throughout its life cycle, directly supporting renewable energy and forest protection projects. It’s an architect’s perfect ally for green building projects, with a certification from SGBC. Every application is a pledge to protect biodiversity and promote a healthier, more sustainable world.

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Comfort, Efficiency and Sustainability in One Powerful Spin

Stand No: 2U299

Are you seeking the vanguard of advanced technology and sustainability? Gard Inc Sdn Bhd introduces the AireGard’s PSM V2023, a compact, lightweight yet robust High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fan. Outfitted with a fresh heatsink design, an enhanced mounting kit and fortified safety features, this state-of-the-art fan is not only cooler but highly efficient and energy conservative. Driven by the patented AireGard NeoDrive PMSM motor, the PSM V2023 can handle vast spaces like aircraft hangars yet remain adaptable for diverse commercial environments. Championing both sustainability and future architecture, this product not only promotes energy-saving and maintenance-free usage, but also aligns with sophisticated, space-optimising design principles. Importantly, this fan significantly enhances users’ wellbeing, improving air circulation, boosting thermal comfort, and thereby fostering productivity.

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Combat Rising Dampness with Pioneering I.P.E® Pro+ - Embrace Healthy Living!

Stand No: 5U627

The I.P.E® Pro+ by BFL International isn’t just a device; it’s a promise to reclaim your home from the insidious clutches of rising damp and mould, impacting not just your home’s health, but also your personal wellbeing. This non-invasive device utilises a unique technology – an Electromagnetic Polarity Inverter that transmits a low-intensity audio frequency to disorient the water molecules causing dampness, forcing them back into the ground. An industry leader in Europe, the I.P.E® Pro+ offers a swift, efficient, and cost-effective solution to rising damp problems and has now set its sights on safeguarding Malaysian homes.

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