Hall 5, Stand 5Q577

Cladding Nations with Beautiful Steel

COLORBOND® steel is the premier choice for iconic designs in commercial, industrial, public and infrastructure projects. It is a true embodiment of captivating beauty and unwavering strength, breathing life into iconic landmarks globally.

Featuring a proprietary metallic coating of Aluminium/Zinc alloy, COLORBOND® steel offers exceptional corrosion protection and withstands challenging weather conditions. Its optimal paint formulation ensures colour stability, resistance to tropical staining, and long-lasting vibrant colours. Additionally, the incorporation of BlueScope’s THERMATECH® solar reflectance technology provides better thermal comfort by reflecting the sun’s heat and reducing heat transmission indoors.

Backed by BlueScope’s warranty and a proven track record of durability, COLORBOND® steel unlocks a world of architectural possibilities, creating timeless allure and enduring legacies.