Taiwan Excellence

Hall 2, Stand 2L178

Go Green with the Best of Taiwan

Returning with the theme “Green Living”, Taiwan Excellence – the symbol of the highest honour of Taiwan’s premium products will be showcasing 10 award-winning brands.

A series of activities will be held throughout the 4 days to feature various intelligent and environmentally friendly products, those include:

  • BenQ’s Green Building Materials PDLC Smart Optical Film that blocks 99% of UV and 87% heat
  • Innolux’s Smart Dimming LC windows features smart light control which reduces energy consumption
  • San Jeou’s Auto Flood Barrier Shutter, a combination of a shutter and flood barrier
  • Alaska’s Mini Anti-Bacterial Circulator, a low consumption fan that purifies the air
  • Jye Li An’s Touch-Free Easy Installation Sensor Flush Kit to easily upgrade to a sensor toilet
  • Justime’s Kitchen Faucet With Pull-Out Sprayer combines oriental aesthetic with modern design
  • Robin’s 3-Way Kitchen Faucet ensures 40% water saving with its high-tech design
  • Yztek’se+Autoff, an automatic stove timer that can be easily self-installed
  • Feca’sMarble Veneer Shelf Board has vacuum suction that reduces drilling
  • Medusa’s i-WaterProofpaint uses a non-toxic, odourless, safe water-based formula