Hall 7, Stand 7C027

Unleash Productivity and Creativity In Your Workspace with Bristol’s Acoustic Pods!

Are you tired with the constant distractions hindering your productivity and stifling your creativity at work? Look no further than Bristol’s Acoustic Pods. These innovative spaces are the ultimate solution for a focused and efficient work environment!

Regardless of a private meeting room or a secluded spot for important calls, the Bristol Conference and Call Pods are specifically designed to fit into small spaces without disrupting the entire office space. The Conference Pods comfortably accommodates up to six people, making them ideal for small teams to collaborate and brainstorm while the Call Pods offer a sanctuary for individuals to work without distractions.

Designed with cutting-edge soundproof material, including acoustic fabrics and toughened glass, the Call Pods create a serene atmosphere by minimising ambient noise. Additionally, the automated light and ventilation sensors ensures that the pod’s temperature and lighting are optimised for maximum comfort and focus.

To enhance convenience, the pods also feature an integrated wire management to allow employees to stay connected and charge their devices seamlessly. Don’t hinder your team’s productivity and happiness any longer. Discover the full range of Bristol’s acoustic solutions and revolutionise your office space.