Hall 7, Stand 7A011

Introducing GoldenHome’s new products KOKO2, MILAN4 and PRAGUE2

KOKO2: Electrostatic powder spraying process

  • Eco-friendly powder coating process, the highest standard in the industry
  • High hardness 6 sides lacquer, super high quality
  • Built-in contrast color handle, stylish and simple, comfortable and durable
  • Superior texture, rich colors and versatile styles

MILAN4: Create Italian minimalist living space

  • Metal texture board surface, silky touch effect
  • Built-in matte black handle, contrasting door panel metal texture
  • High door panel to the top, supreme minimalism 

PRAGUE 2: Popular Marrs green, tranquil Nordic style

  • Popular Mars green tranquil Nordic style
  • Skin-friendly film, delicate touch, dirt-resistant
  • Extremely thin frame, 22mm thick door panel, stylish and durable