A message from PAM President

Assoc. Prof. (Ind.) Ar Sarly Adre bin Sarkum

All of us in the architecture profession eagerly awaits ARCHIDEX and DATUM every year. This is when everyone in the industry takes time to learn, gain new knowledge, catch up with news and trends and network. 

It has been a challenging two years and we have learned many lessons on the importance of being agile and adaptable. It is invigorating and uplifting that a period of recovery is finally upon us.

This year, ARCHIDEX and DATUM will continue to be the driving force behind this huge congregation of visitors and delegates. Running concurrently, we are expected to line-up speakers and side-events that are diverse, impactful and unique as the fraternity and design community continues to advance the advocacy in the building industry with specific emphasis on future cities as we conquer climate change, digital transformation and sustainability among other initiatives.

I always believe that, in order for us architects to remain relevant, we must constantly strive to spearhead changes that greatly impact the future. We need to equip ourselves with the knowledge to effect this change. With that, I extend a warm welcome to every member of the architecture, interior design, and building community to gather again at ARCHIDEX this year. ARCHIDEX is where we can facilitate exchange of ideas, inspire one another, encourage each other, better ourselves, expand our circles, and reunite with friends.

I look forward immensely to seeing all of you there.