Providing space saving solutions since 1995


Stand No: 1A016

SLIDEHIDE has provided Architects and Developers a space saving solutions since 1995 and has not disappoint its supporters and users with its quality and durability. Our products revives every square feet of dead space into usable space by delivering a pocket door system with the same thickness as the adjacent brickwall of 140mm thk including plastering.

SLIDEHIDE is easy to install and the operation of the sliding mechanism is smooth and maintenance free. Door Panel will not get stuck in the wall cavity or hit the internal wall surface. If there is ever a need to replace the old door panel, the replacement process is very simple and no hacking of wall is needed.

SLIDEHIDE has a range of designs to solve any bottleneck that designers face and we provide more options for space configuration, as well as enhance the aesthetic finishes of planned designs since any material of door panel can be used.

SLIDEHIDE casings can accommodate M&E services such as switches, it can be waterproofed and can be cladded with tile such as stone or marble.