Celebrating ARCHIDEX Winners…Tonight!

How does a company tell a compelling story using an exhibition area that is otherwise just a flat surface? 

If you toss this very question to the 400 exhibitors at ARCHIDEX 2022, the outcome… a kaleidoscope of colourful stands that blow your mind and take your breath away! 

This, then, poses a colossal task to the panel of judges who has to pick out the best for the Best Stand Design Award from the extensive exhibition sprawled over nine halls. 

So, what do judges of over 400 impressive stand designs at ARCHIDEX 2022 look for when selecting a winner?

Here’s what the judges have to say:

The showcased products are tied to moving forward into the future

Ar. Alice Leong

Chief Judge

I am impressed by the breakthroughs achieved by the entries’ product design through innovation and creativity, even when the industry is faced with various new challenges and restrictions caused by multiple lockdowns.  

The showcased products are tied to moving forward into the future. On top of the detailing and innovative ideas, the prices are kept competitive despite various challenges to benefit more users and safeguard sustainability.

Stand design is all about storytelling

IDr Sharifah Suzana Simmonds

The exhibitors must be able to portray the story in their stand design. For example, using the materials they produce, colours that speak to the consumers and draw them to your stand. It has to be unique enough that the consumers are drawn to it and desire to ask questions. Your design is telling a story, so to me, that is one of the winning criteria.

The innovation of the design and the appeal of the display is the biggest factor.

Ar. Amzar Ahmad

The innovation of the design and the appeal of the display is the biggest factor. Wise use of materials, coherence of various elements, and how the stand brings out the uniqueness of their products, are all important. The stand design should be appealing and conducive in exhibiting their products so that the visitors are able to ‘feel’ them.

It is paramount that the stand design best represents the products in relation to their showcase.

Professor Madya Kehormat Abd Rahim Awang

By this I mean that exhibitors should be careful in articulating their products in relation to the stand’s concept such as the creative use of materials. Some of the exhibitors leverage recycled products to optimise their message. I think this is a good move as the built communities should have the awareness and be in trend with what’s happening in the world.

The Star Award received 40 entries from participating local and international solutions providers, across 18 categories. Participating exhibitors were invited to nominate a top product that fulfils criteria that cover the areas of design, innovation, technology, lifestyle and society, and standards. 

Which exhibitor has the best product?

And which exhibitor has the best way of telling a story through its stand?

The suspense will linger until tonight at the ARCHIDEX Nite at the Grand Ballroom of Mandarin Oriental Hotel, when winners for both the Best Booth Design and Display Awards and ARCHIDEX Star Award will be announced.

Meanwhile, visitors can head to the ARCHIDEX Awards Gallery at Hall 9 to check out the brilliantly designed and technologically sophisticated architectural and building products. 

Look out for the winners to be announced later today on Day 2 of ARCHIDEX!