Honouring The Glory of Glass

Glass is such a prized commodity that the United Nations has declared 2022 as the International Year of Glass

The recognition is in honour of this transformative material’s past, present, and future.

Glass takes the spotlight at ARCHIDEX 2022 when members of Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) and Safety Glass Processors Association of Malaysia (SGPAM) gathered to celebrate the International Year of Glass

SGPAM president Lim Le Kern walked the attendees through the beautiful versatility of glass. 

“Glass is a precious material that has been celebrated and cherished in all its glorious forms in art, architecture, culture, science, and civilisation throughout the ages,” he shared. 

“The use of glass in architecture dates back to Roman times, whereas glass beads were a part of the ancient international trade from the Bronze Age.

“Glass fits into the UN Developmental Goals (2030 Agenda) with responsible production and sustainability; innovation and infrastructure; affordable and clean energy; climate action; unpolluted water and oceans; sanitation, health, and well-being; education and gender equality.”

Glass is also a sustainable material that continues to be used in majestic and creative ways in the hands of architects, interior designers, and builders.

Today, glass is used in various ways, including being an integral part of communications and


“In our rapidly changing world, it is difficult to predict the future. Glass has a positive future, as it is the preferred material for sustainable, healthier, reusable, and recyclable purposes,” Lim says. 

PAM president Assoc. Prof. (Ind.) Ar Sarly Adre Sarkum notes, “The building industry has become an ecosystem where everybody plays their part. I am happy that SGPAM is playing a role in not just Malaysia, but with the International Year of Glass, it is playing a role worldwide. Glass makes an undeniable impact in our everyday life. It is important in the construction industry and essential to modern architecture.” 

Visitors to ARCHIDEX can experience the versatility of glass at these glass experts’ stands: 

  • Ajiya Safety Glass Sdn Bhd offers high-value-added safety glass products.
  • InnoGlass-Smart Glass and Film Manufacturer specialises in R&D and production of innovative glass applications.
  • Nam Heng aspires to be one of Asia’s top market leaders in supplying raw and added value glass
  • Subang Safety Glass Sdn Bhd, wholesaling and selling architectural flat glass, and building glass.