Building Beyond Borders

ARCHIDEX on-site has ended for 2022.

BUT here’s a BONUS for those who have signed up for ARCHIDEX ONLINE – our interactive, official digital platform to complement ARCHIDEX that’s on 24/7 wherever you are!

ARCHIDEX Online offers a brilliant new way to connect with stakeholders from around the world with activities and events taking place until 29 July.

This hybrid way of exhibiting offers you the opportunity to:

  • Build your business beyond borders – ARCHIDEX Online support local businesses to grow worldwide without geographical barriers.
  • Browse curated collections of high-quality building materials and supplies – enjoy the new way to source for your needs via live demonstrations and discussions, and easy access to thousands of suppliers at your fingertips.
  • Plan beyond 2022 – as international borders have reopened, bring your practice or business on the ARCHIDEX Online platform that connects you seamlessly with industry stakeholders worldwide so that you are one step ahead, always.

Join us now on ARCHIDEX Online