10 Unmissable Experiences at ARCHIDEX!


PAM Pavilion Embraces the Past and Illuminating the Future in its Centennial Tribute

A pavilion designed from a contemporary lens, featuring the excitement of glass – a tribute to PAM’s centenary journey, shaping the architecture of the nation and celebrating its transparency and accountability to the industry’s growth.  Be here to attend talks and forums addressing the important architectural challenges of today. Meet and mingle with the who’s who of the world of architecture at the PAM Member’s Lounge and get yourself invited to the exclusive by-invitation only cocktails happening after-hours at PAM Pavilion.


Practical, Functional, Innovative – Reimagine scaffolding at Oasis@Hall 8

Come immerse yourself in the enchantment of ScaffoGreen Sanctuary, a one-of-a-kind  venue that elevates scaffolding through innovative, functional ideas. Featuring the Future City Ideas Competition and ARCHIDEX Star Award Gallery. Listen to the talks hosted here, designed to drive conversations on the critical role of the built environment in tomorrow’s urban landscape. Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate in an immersive and harmonious space, promoting well-being for sustainable urban development. Don’t miss this unique experience!


Artistry Pavilion: Where Imagination Meets Genius

Witness the genius of designs redefined. Architects collaborate with exhibitors to produce curated masterpiece exhibition venues that leverage the functionalities of materials and push the boundaries of imagination. Be inspired by the artistic expressions of architecture.


ARCHIDEX Biz Talk – driving innovation, unleashing inspiration

Join the conversation and unlock the secrets of innovation with our elite guest speakers. Be at the centre of it all as they reveal groundbreaking materials, cutting-edge technologies, and ingenious solutions to climate change challenges at ARCHIDEX Biz Talk.


Join Focus Forum to discover sustainable practices & new business models in engineering, construction and digital technology

Get ahead of the curve with leading voices sharing new developments and trending topics at the exclusive Focus Forum. Discuss new developments that drive sustainable solutions and create green buildings. Be a part of conversations that shape tomorrow’s tends.


The Forum at PAM Pavilion reveals how changemakers strategise to deliver meaningful impact for the community

Be enthralled by an inspiring line-up of guest speakers at The Forum at PAM Pavilion, who’ll elevate your architectural visions to new heights. Get designing tips and tricks to address emerging challenges of carbon emissions, climate change and community well-being.


Future City Ideas Competition – witness the arrival of sustainable, hi-tech cities

Get into the minds of inspirational architects who reimagine the way cities will be tomorrow. Get ideas, stimulate your creativity and see the possibilities of living with minimum disruption to nature – crisper air, cleaner environment and zero waste.


Get fresh ideas from budding architects and scout talent @ ARCHITALENT Competition

A 1-day only open event that invites you for a glimpse of the capabilities and talent of local and international architecture students from acclaimed institutions. This is the ground to scout talents of tomorrow as you witness their breakthrough designs set to shape the architectural landscape in the future. Build the future at ARCHITALENT.


Uncover the stars of the show at ARCHIDEX Awards Gallery

A space that celebrates excellence. Here we showcase the stars of the show – products that converge ingenuity, practicality and commitment to the community. Discover the products and materials that have earned the prestigious awards and be inspired to shape a future where creativity and sustainability thrive hand-in-hand.


Get Exclusive Discounts with Visitor’s Tag Privileges

Delight in exclusive discounts at 30 handpicked F&B establishments surrounding the exhibition hall. Savour delectable cuisines and indulge your taste buds while exploring the vibrant designs and innovative technologies at ARCHIDEX.