ARCHIDEX unveils the exciting world of laminates

Enter the world of laminates – this premier material has properties that can elevate interiors and create comfortable, pleasing spaces.

Panel Plus: Elevating Flooring Brilliance with Sustainable Rubber Wood

Panel Plus showcases the brilliance of sustainable rubber wood flooring with low formaldehyde emission technology, making it the only board in Thailand equipped with European standard certification, ensuring its durability. Putting sustainability at the forefront, Panel Plus has garnered numerous international green certifications.

Virgo Laminates: Redefining Aesthetics with Innovative High-Pressure Laminates

Virgo Laminates offers high-pressure laminates perfect for the carpentry industry, creating aesthetically pleasing cabinets, wardrobes, and furniture finishes. A standout feature is Virgo’s post-forming technology, allowing the board to be expertly bent, resulting in smooth edges and seamless designs.

Lamitak: Pioneering a Fresh Start with Eco-Friendly Laminates

Lamitak is determined to revolutionise the laminate industry post-pandemic. With a complete reset in collection, booth design, and catalogs, Lamitak signifies a new beginning. Embracing an eco-friendly approach, the company leverages its long-standing product integrity and credibility to expand its market presence.

Max World: Safe and Seamless Melamine Boards for Modern Living

Max World offers visitors an array of zero-formaldehyde melamine boards, ensuring safety for children and environmentally-conscious customers. Additionally, the company boasts high-pressure laminate boards with wood grain finishing, spanning 10 feet in length for a seamless joint, combining strength and aesthetics effortlessly.