Experience sustainable materials at ARCHIDEX

This year ARCHIDEX goes green with a choice of materials championing the sustainability theme. So, if you are on the prowl for ideas and materials are will let comply with the ESG requirements today, be sure to catch these exhibitors and more at ARCHIDEX. 

Sunway Paving Solutions presents an array of porous pavers also known as permeable pavements that are embedded with underneath subsoil pipe. This system collects water with harmful chemicals and discharges it to selected channels, keeping waterways pollution-free. 

CSC Steel aspires to reduce wood usage and deforestation through the introduction of its pre-painted galvanised steel, available in wood-grain patterns. Ideally used as wall cladding and roofing, this material keeps out heat ingress and increases the energy efficiency of buildings. Another mega-plus point – unlike wood, it is easily shaped to create various forms and designs. 

Keeping flood waters out of basements and carparks has become increasingly essential as climate change effects intensify. SKB Shutters has a solution that fits this need with a powerless flood shutter system that closes automatically when the floodwaters trigger a sensor in the building’s BMS system. This new product is here to look for industry partners and potential adopters. 

The Wall Public founded by a young visionarian, Kengy Chan, takes style and functionality to a whole new level. Offering printed solutions for wallpaper, seamless wall fabric and roller blinds, they also create marble prints on sustainably sourced bamboo that can be used as wall panels. What’s great about this product is that it uses either joints or clips to prevent harmful odours commonly encountered when glue is used.

Similar to The Wall Public is Pasaya, a Thai brand that brings green textiles and lifestyle products made from upcycled materials. With an exquisite range comprising wall fabrics, rugs,  fabric and bedsheets, Pasaya prioritises quality of life and aims to be a net zero factory by 2050.