Get on board international pavilions at ARCHIDEX

This year at ARCHIDEX, there are four captivating international pavilions: Advantage Austria, Taiwan Excellence, Singapore, and China. Advantage Austria presents 5 innovative companies showcasing exciting products of sustainable building materials, cutting-edge BIM software, and technology solutions. Their offerings are geared to revolutionise the market with advanced and eco-friendly technologies. The China pavilion is all set to amaze visitors with over 50 exhibits of construction materials that have garnered immense attention and excitement from attendees, contractors, and architects alike. With numerous potential projects in the pipeline, they are eagerly looking forward to returning next year.

Singapore brings to ARCHIDEX an impressive array of wall laminates, building materials, acoustic panels, and metal products that have captivated the attention of all attendees. These offerings promise to redefine construction standards and aesthetics. At Taiwan Excellence, 10 leading brands of household products, each boasting the latest cutting-edge technology to enhance and simplify daily living experiences are featured.

ARCHIDEX is truly an international platform where these pavilions unveil their best, pushing the boundaries of innovation in the construction and household industries.