Explore the undulating landscape of an Oasis at ARCHIDEX

Take in the sights, sounds and wonder of a space curated to blend innovative materials and greenery, as it plays host to a gallery displaying ARCHIDEX Star Awards and the Future City Ideas Competition winning entries. Let the ideas of award-winning designs inspire you as your imagination soars with future cities-inspired themes from neo-garden cities of low carbon impact like Hibiscus Pods City or see how rapid digitalisation inspires design with Phy-gital KL City.

Here’s also where you can get great deals on architecture books and enjoy high-speed wifi while catching up on the news, relaxing in an immersive, zen surroundings that calms the mind and senses. The Oasis is an enchanting space that reimagines the use of ScaffoGreen Sanctuary. The brainchild of WY Ong Architect, it is sponsored by Cablerod, Huatraco and TechnoGym.