Hygiene Meets High-Tech: The Future of Sanitaryware is Here

This year, the preferred choice for WCs is rimless, featuring triple glazing and a ceramic finish. Leading sanitary companies like Roca, Grohe, and Innocera have taken this trend to the next level by incorporating various innovative features to enhance user experience.

Grohe, is actively promoting its American Standard collection, which includes superior WCs with anti-bacterial and water saving features. Additionally, its air-energised showers use air infusion to create higher water pressure, providing an enjoyable shower experience with reduced water usage. The Acacia collection from Grohe boasts a cosmopolitan finish of matte black bathroom accessories.

Innocera’s Sericite brand of WC has seen a rapid rise in popularity due to its siphonic flushing system. This system promotes a powerful suction function, ensuring 100% cleanliness and exceptional water-saving capabilities. Innocera also offers tankless WC options, both with and without power supply, giving users greater flexibility in their choices. Furthermore, the wall-hung WC has emerged as a space-saving and trendy choice among consumers.

Roca on the other hand, has introduced rechargeable remote controls, which have become extremely popular. These remotes offer one-touch control, allowing users to customise settings like dryer preference, temperature, and water intensity according to their individual preferences. Its patented Fine-Ceramic technology is another key feature, offering 5mm thick ceramic products that are lighter and more durable than standard ceramics, ensuring a premium and long-lasting experience for customers.