Discover next-gen solutions shaping the office of tomorrow

Office pods stole the show at ARCHIDEX, say office equipment exhibitors, driven by the rapid trend of open offices pushing the need for occasional privacy. Versalink is here to feature its latest in the series of office privacy – Telepod 2.0, Office Pod and Sharing Pod 2.0. All are noise cancelling and easily relocatable. Joining the foray into office pods, premium chair-maker Benithem brings high-quality and aesthetically superior office pods of varying sizes that are equipped with motion detecting lights, double glazed glass and fabric to ensure sound proof qualities. 

The company is also actively promoting the Z365, an ergonomically designed chair that lets you work long hours minus the aches and stiffness. Utilising high-end technology to support head, lumbar, hand and seating, this chair is the best choice for worker comfort. The JB-based manufacturer also carries high quality, comfortable visitor chairs and outdoor chairs. 

With sound-proofing a rising requirement in offices, Ecosil has created Acoustic Wall Tiles that not only cancel out sound, but add a modern, colour-inspired look to the office. Their Acoustic Ceiling Panels are a good solution to heat prevention reducing electricity consumption for cooling functions.

Viz, the company that understands offices, brings height adjustable desks to give office workers the option of standing or sitting desks, seamlessly. Using a spiral technology, employees can easily adjust the height and prevent back and neck stiffness from sitting for long hours.

Nexus Collection focuses on quality and design. Featuring bold colours and futuristic shapes, this furniture maker is at ARCHIDEX to showcase the superior workmanship of its hand stitched office furniture. The company also offers functional screens with a table, designed to provide private space for work. Also prioritising quality, Hettich makes highly durable cabinets that can also withstand the harsh outdoors. With hinges and mechanisms that are galvanised to prevent rusting so you can take your office outdoors.