ARCHITALENT highlight future architecture talent in the region

ARCHITALENT showcased a slew of promising young architecture talent from Malaysia and around the region. The competition is aimed at nurturing and recognising the unbridled creativity among the Architecture students.

PAM deputy president and ARCASIA Committee of Architecture Education Chairman, Ar. Adrianta Aziz who is one of the judges for ARCHITALENT pointed out that it is a beautiful platform for students, future architects as it is a place for them to showcase their talent.

“Their talent is inspiring not only to their fellow students but the mentors as well. The presentation this morning was impressive, combining the beautiful drawings, software and technical skills packed in a 5-minute presentation,” he said.

Fellow judge and ARCASIA Committee of Architecture Education member, Ar. Reizal Mohd Ali concurred stating the presentation was delivered well and the students produced good work.

“I’m particularly impressed by the technologies, from the use of energy and the design process which integrates all of these elements.”

Meanwhile, ARCASIA Committee of Green & Sustainable Architecture’ chairman and fellow judge, Tushar Sogani is impressed by the software and tools used by the finalist, even some practising architect can’t claim similar proficiency as the industry has changed a lot in the last 10 years.

“This should be a lesson for a practising architect because the students are always a free bird, they are free to be creative without any constraints.”

This sentiment is echoed by another ARCHITALENT judge, Suriawati Abdul Rahim of Arkitek Juruperunding Suria Rahim who observed student architects are always challenging themselves with new ideas but sadly this habit decline in practising architects.

“I believe fresh graduates and students should be encouraged to always yearn to do something different all the time.”

The fifth and final judge of ARCHITALENT, Ati Rosemary Mohd Ariffin a Senior Lecturer attached to University Malaya commented that the presentation was exhilarating and there was a stiff competition among the finalists.

As the student moved to become practising architects, she pointed out that sustainability will be one of the key problems they will have to contend with.

“As the industry has grown and the scale of projects evolves from small to mega products, the challenge of sustainability and use of resources has become an issue. Architects nowadays should be prepared for sustainable design as energy is becoming more expensive and resource scarcity will be a challenge,” said Ati.

ARCHITALENT 2023 saw Jarod Yap of University Malaya crowned as the champion.

“This is quite an honour for me and I am very happy about it. To be able to transmit the message through my presentation is an exciting thing,” he said.

The first runner up for this year’s competition was awarded to Gavin Tio from Universiti Sains Malaysia, while the second runner up was given to Pavithran Thurairatnam of University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka– one of the three international finalist.