International certifications and ARCHIDEX Awards drive business engagement

Local building materials manufacturers with certifications and ARCHIDEX awards find a broader market base and attract a stronger customer following. 

Raj, Managing Director of Solid Greentech Solutions received his first ARCHIDEX Star Award in 2013. The award changes perspectives of visitors at ARCHIDEX because it is awarded by a panel of credible judges comprising architects and engineers who evaluate and analyse the product before declaring it a winner.  

“When we win an award, clients basically recognise that it is a new innovative product, and they are more confident. Otherwise, as a local product, manufactured locally, they may think twice before they deal with us,” said Raj.  

Sustainable acoustic panels manufacturer, Ecosil Solutions’s CEO, Stephen Soo sees a lot of interest in his product as it has undergone SGS certification testing and complies with European standards as non-toxic material with the highest fire retardant level. 

“With this application we are going to submit for local certification first and after that, we’re going to apply for overseas certification as well,” he said.