Redefining Construction: Experience the Power of BIM

Welcome to the forefront of architectural innovation! Get ready to embrace the future of buildings with game-changing BIM solutions redefining construction at ARCHIDEX Hall 8. Engage with the experts in BIM technology through a series of talks carried out every day by IME Technology and Reliant Design Solutions.

IME’s talks leverage real-life case studies to disseminate knowledge and information on the advantages of BIM using their software, Archicad. Areas covered include Green Building, BIM Cloud, to enable working with multiple teams, even remotely, and Algorithmic Design for designs of superior quality and precision. BIM is a technology that changes the way buildings are designed and impacts our construction methods, encouraging lean construction and allowing more informed decision making and more effective workflow.

Reliant Design Solutions conducts talks to increase awareness on BIM and assist in the knowledge sharing of BIM’s capabilities. While awareness is rapidly rising, the company sees the need to educate users that the key to maximising the potential of BIM is to ensure the right information is fed into the software.

Head to Hall 8 to get the latest scoop on BIM as a software that has the potential to create sustainable buildings and change the way the industry operates.