38,203 Strong: ARCHIDEX Marks its Largest Exhibition and Biggest Turnout Ever!

As the sun sets on an exhilarating four-day journey of innovation and creativity, ARCHIDEX 2023 takes its final bow, leaving a trail of inspiration and anticipation for the next spectacular ARCHIDEX.

ARCHIDEX 2023 transformed the convention centre into a melting pot of groundbreaking ideas, each one contributing to the vision of responsible production and circular economies. Handshakes turned into agreements, forging partnerships that will shape the future of architecture and design with a profound sense of purpose.

What made ARCHIDEX 2023 truly historic was the unprecedented gathering of brilliant minds from various industries, united by a shared commitment to make a positive impact with:

  • 4 Exhilarating Days
  • 600 Exhibitors
  • 1,400 Exhibition Stands
  • 15 countries and regions
  • 5 Conferences
  • More than 60 talks and forums
  • 97 Speakers
  • Over 100 hours of knowledge sharing

We gathered a diverse crowd of 38,203 visitors, from close to 100 countries, transforming ARCHIDEX into a playground for creativity, business collaboration sand stimulating conversations. 2,600 delegates participated in five remarkable conferences, dedicating countless hours to establish sustainable benchmarks to leave a meaningful legacy for generations to come.

Each visitor was touched by the spirit of innovation, leaving with unforgettable experiences, valuable lessons and transformative business collaborations. The decisions made and deals struck during this dynamic event, validates a new way to shaping the industry for the future.

The ripples of this monumental event will reverberate long after its doors have closed, echoing the call for a change and inspiration until the arrival of ARCHIDEX 2024 and its Special Edition – ARCHIDEX @ UIA Kuala Lumpur World 2024 International Forum.