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EDL Module & Compact: Lightweight high performance wall solution for interior design and innovative approach to modern worktops

EDL Module is the latest addition to our materials portfolio. Module is a non-flammable wall panelling solution that is highly versatile and ideal for use in kitchens that is made in Japan.

Kitchen applications include: Kitchen backsplash

Unique selling points of Module:

  • Module panels are lightweight and easy to install on new and existing walls without the need for hacking, which saves time and money. All that is needed is adhesive and double-sided tape. This makes it especially ideal if all you want is to make quick improvements to your space
  • Have an existing kitchen space you want to spruce up? Simply overlaying Module over your existing backsplash will completely change the way it looks
  • Module is easily fabricated by any carpenter using conventional carpentry tools

EDL Compact is our response to an innovative and streamlined approach to modern worktops. A structured, double-sided panel manufactured under high pressure and high temperature, it is suitable for demanding applications, both horizontal and vertical.

Applications in kitchen includes: Kitchen countertop, kitchen backsplash, kitchen island

Unique selling points of Compact:

  • Modern aesthetics
    • Though extremely durable, EDL Compact is sleek and streamlined at 10mm thickness. You can also choose to match your carpentry to the Compact by matching the laminates to your kitchen worktop surfaces
  • Product features make it suitable for demanding applications
    • Resistant to heat, impact, moisture, scratches and stain
  • Fabricated in-house by EDL using CNC machines to create smooth and precise cuts and edges. This ensures that the edges are well profiled without unnecessary chip offs during the period of use