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3x times faster than conventional construction progress!

JENTAYU SUSTAINABLES BHD IBS System (formerly know as IPMUDA IBS System) consists of a series of modular and interlocking bricks & blocks technology specially designed to reduce construction cost by decreasing steel bar usage for columns and beams – saving labour and materials cost and eliminating wastage as zero form work is required.

As such, construction time will significantly be reduced as tongue and groove function promotes easy laying process, simultaneously improving quality.  In addition, it enables a 3-in-1 progressive claim as compared to the use of conventional methods.

Our universally applicable and modular system supports any construction outfit to match buildings or any physical extensions. Our products are modularised to reduce project complexity and encourage more modest and manageable use of resources, making it suitable for both complex and simple development needs. The IBS bricks and blocks can be easily stored and mobilise to the job site with no crane required during installation.

JSB IBS System complies to building standard meeting architectural and design requirements of various types of buildings in Malaysia. In short, Interlocking Block System reduces construction cost, speed up construction progress and upgrade construction quality.