Ar. Norzaini Mufti

Director, KLAF 2023

A very warm welcome to all delegates and visitors of ARCHIDEX 2023. Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival (KLAF) 2023, aptly themed NEXT100, in conjunction with PAM’s 100th anniversary, is a once in a century event and safe to say it will be once in a lifetime occurrence for all of us. ARCHIDEX, DATUM KL and all its supporting programs are important programs of KLAF2023 and it is an honour for me to serve as the KLAF2023 Director.

DATUM conferences began in 2003 and they are the catalysts which developed into Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival (KLAF) which started in 2011. KLAF is designed as a platform to celebrate the many facets of architecture. The objective is to develop and create a focused event to gather practitioners, industry players, influencers, speculations, and ideas, and present them to the public at large in Kuala Lumpur and internationally.

Within its brief history, DATUM has brought in an amazing array of established and up and coming architects from abroad and locally who each shared their life’s work and solutions with all of us. It is from the increasingly large audiences and interest shown from within and beyond architecture fraternity, we are continually inspired and motivated to keep on organizing KLAF on an annual basis. Over the years, the event has evolved into something bigger than anyone dreamt of.

KLAF2023 provides a stage for various stakeholders to re-engage and re-connect for mutual benefits. In these uncertain times and unpredictable directions for Architecture, it is the moment to consider new priorities and positions, and to explore, experiment and engage.

In addressing concerns and needs of various segments of the architectural fraternity, KLAF2023 is divided into five key thrusts, namely: Engage, Educate, Evolve, Extend, and Evoke. Each thrust offers a variety of programs and activities providing learning and knowledge opportunities to participating members. These include ideation and conceptualisation process, new technologies or materials, and training and education.

The main feature programme “DATUM: We as 1” will see over 30 local and international speakers sharing their design aspirations from their projects and learnings through our signature conferences – DATUM:KL, DATUM:PRO, DATUM:EDU, DATUM:M and DATUM+PLUS.

As we gather at ARCHIDEX and DATUM, let us be reminded and appreciate the immense and far reaching power of architecture and architects to shape the community and environment around us. Through our collective passion, dedication, and vision, we transform lives, uplift communities, and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. Let us together unleash the brilliance within our architectural fraternity and create a future where design knows no bounds.

Enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie. Lets work together for better times and I wish everyone the very best and success at ARCHIDEX and DATUM.