Ar. Abu Zarim Bin Abu Bakar

President, PAM

What an amazing time for all of us, as we celebrate 100 years of PAM and another ARCHIDEX 2023!

I am excited to welcome every one of you to a momentous celebration for our beloved architecture, interior design, and building industry. This year is very special for us as we rejoice in gathering together once again and to witness the PAM 100 milestone. The DATUM:KL theme of ‘WE AS 1’ says it all, as we continue to grow, evolve, and move confidently into the future together as a community.

Sustainability, future architecture, and wellbeing of the community we serve are themes that have always been a cornerstone of architectural practice, and this is emphasised at ARCHIDEX this year. As such, we can expect to see new technologies, innovative designs, and novel ways of building during the four days of ARCHIDEX and DATUM:KL.

ARCHIDEX is an immensely enjoyable gathering as there is so much to talk about, learn, discuss, and catch up with industry members. There is never enough time! ARCHIDEX today draws many key industry exhibitors, speakers and industry leaders from around the world and the atmosphere is energetic and keeps you on your toes.

It is a wonderful time that fosters intellectual discourse, collaboration beyond borders, and the exchange of knowledge and experience that is invaluable. There are abundant opportunities for every participant for personal and professional growth, with various forums, talks, discussions, and networking sessions organised.

And this year, I am honoured that we are witnessing 100 years of progressive architecture for Malaysia. It is significant as PAM has always been a non-profit organisation created to support and advance the architectural profession in this country. Our partner, C.I.S, has tirelessly worked with us to create a platform that unites and elevates the entire industry with a longstanding commitment to serve our community.

To mark PAM’s 100 Years in ARCHIDEX, the PAM Pavilion in Hall 8 will be specially designed in a linear structure shape, symbolising the organisation’s journey over its 100-year history. Tempered glasses have been chosen for its transparency and to reflect PAM’s commitment. The Pavilion will feature a tunnel with an immersive internal space, social and forum area that includes the PAM Counter.

With so many things to see and learn from, I look forward to welcome and meet PAM members, associates, students and industry affiliated professionals, speakers and exhibitors to ARCHIDEX 2023!