Event Highlights

ARCHIDEX will be the thriving marketplace featuring 400 exhibitors, DATUM:KL Conferences, forums, talks, product launches, business matching sessions and networking events held concurrently across the four-day exhibition.

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Inspiration at DATUM:KL Conferences


Knowledge and continuing education is a key feature of ARCHIDEX and KLAF with DATUM:KL conferences and talks taking place concurrently.

It is here where emerging and established architects will inspire from the stage with a selection of topics where distinguished speakers are invited from Malaysia and abroad to share ideas and solutions that will inspire you. 

Global changemakers taking the stage

PAM Future City Pavilion

Get a glimpse of tomorrow with Future City

The PAM Future City Pavilion is dedicated to the theme of Future City – devoted to global futurists to explore new possibilities in architectural and urban design for the future.

Situated in the same hall that exhibits new highlights – featuring six key categories in: Future Energy, Smart Infrastructure & Buildings, Smart Mobility, Smart Economy, Sustainability and Society, visitors can expect to be enthralled in the solutions for the future that will reshape our build environment and virtual world.

The Forum @ PAM Future City Pavilion will showcase also, over 20 speakers covering topics on the unchartered waters of Future City.

ARCHIDEX Focus Forum

Stay ahead with new ideas

Get insights on trending topics, the latest government updates, critical issues and best practices through a series of talks that affect planning and guidelines led by industry experts including CIDB IBS, ILAM, TEEAM, MGBC, and more.


Discover from the live presentations

Leading suppliers and manufacturers take the stage to conduct live presentations and showcase their best and latest products, solutions, and technologies.

Our newest accolade for design excellence!

Head over to the ARCHIDEX Awards Gallery to discover this year’s shortlisted entries and winning designs of the ARCHIDEX Star Award 2022. Check out top entries of brilliantly designed and technologically sophisticated architectural and building products!

Build global connections through our Hybrid Business Matching programme

Our Business Matching meeting scheduler is now live on ARCHIDEX Online! Begin to schedule meetings to fast-track access to the suppliers you want to meet in-person and virtually from 29 June – 2 July.

Capitalise on the Exhibitor Listing in ARCHIDEX Online to check out the exhibitors that you can start scheduling your meetings with now!

Be inspired by ideas for the future

Hollywood would provoke us with imagined future cities. Would the future city be a dystopic one as these Hollywood films portray or will they be optimistic. What kind of cities would artificial intelligence bring us? Would your city include towers that can exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen? What is your narrative concerning climate change?

The KLAF 2022: Future City Ideas Competition will showcase winning ideas in visions of the future city presented by professional and graduate architects.

Students Today, Architects by Tomorrow!

ARCHITALENT was first held in 2017 on a national level. For the first time this year, this event will be hosting architecture students from 9 ASEAN nations (Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Laos and Indonesia) to compete in the thrilling ARCHITALENT competition.

Where ARCHITALENT continues to encourage creation, audacity and the capacity to imagine visions of anticipations of a world to come, this platform allows students to showcase their best pitch for a project during the event.

Students will present before a panel of judges their ideas and share solutions with the theme FUTURE CITY with the goal of encouraging innovative architectural and urban ideas in resolving current and future issues.