HALL 10, BOOTH 10A127

Creating a Culture of Freedom and Positive Atmosphere

In today’s rapidly evolving world, interior design in shared spaces transcends mere aesthetics, becoming integral to fostering environments of freedom and positivity atmosphere. Maica’s dedication extends beyond manufacturing High Pressure Decorative Laminates (HPL) and Compact Laminates, Maica prioritizes quality, meeting European Standard EN438. By seamlessly integrating design collection with the concept of freedom, these spaces become transformative platforms empowering individuals to pursue their goals and live purposefully. Key tenets encompass:

Open and Flexible Spaces: These spaces contribute to a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere where people can thrive professionally and creatively. With a wide range of Maica’s design collection, you can customize designs that elevate your own branding and identity.

Comfortable and Ergonomic Furnishings: In modern interior design, promoting physical and mental well-being is paramount. This involves incorporating elements like ample natural light, optimal air quality, and ergonomic furnishings. Maica contributes to this by crafting eco-friendly products from sustainable materials, certified by authorities like the Singapore Green Label, GreenGuard, and GreenGuard Gold.

Inclusive and Diverse Design: Maica’s collection revolutionizes interior spaces with its versatile designs, enabling designers to craft inclusive environments that cater to diverse preferences, needs, and cultural aesthetics, thereby promoting diversity in interior design.