Leading Laminated Smart Glass Manufacturer In Malaysia Chiefway – Smart Glass. World Class

Chiefway Laminated Smart Glass is an innovative solution, employing an electrical principle to transition from frosted to clear when powered. As a Malaysian manufacturer, we prioritise affordability, shorter delivery lead times, and local support, making Smart Glass accessible to the markets. Aligned with principles of Green Building, Sustainability, Future Architecture, and Wellbeing, our glass offers distinctive advantages such as Privacy Control, Heat Resistance, Thermal Insulation, and Sound Insulation (50dB, SIRIM certified) enhancing environmental comfort and efficiency.

Specialising in Laminated Smart Glass, we provide a wide product range and colour selection to meet diverse needs. Our latest LUMIVERA, a Bespoke Decorative Smart Glass, will debut at ARCHIDEX 2024. LUMIVERA builds upon our cutting-edge privacy features, integrating vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and captivating designs. This infusion of artistic flair unlocks boundless potential design projects.

Join us at Hall 8 to witness the unveiling of LUMIVERA and explore the endless opportunities it offers. Visit to learn more on how Chiefway Laminated Smart Glass can elevate your architectural projects.