HALL 10, BOOTH 10D158

In The Heart Of Design Innovation, Amidst The Hum Of Creativity And Craftmanship, Sleek Was Born

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: To transform spaces into works of art, blending timeless elegance with unparalleled functionality, and making complex workmanship simple.
  • Premium Sound Quality
    • Our panels feature a unique construction, delivering exceptional sound quality and clarity.
    • The Felt – absorbs the sound waves and dampens reverberation
    • The Slats – create diffusion, break up sound waves, and dampen the reflected sound
    • The Surface – the woodgrain texture is crafted to exude an air of sophistication and refinement, creating a sleek, clean sense of order in your space.

  • SIRIM Approved Sound Absorption Effect
    • Backed by SIRIM test report, our panels meet international standards for sound absorption, guaranteeing superior performance across various frequencies.

  • Multi-purpose functionality
    • Beyond sound absorption, our panels double as decorative elements, room dividers and even interactive displays, offering versatility in application.

  • Improving effectiveness to interior design
    • Flexible – Easily bendable around soft corners, our panels allow for creative design possibilities, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space
    • Easy installation – with simple mounting option that require no need drilling or pressure, our panels streamline the installation process for added convenience
    • Versatile design options – explore multiple ways to design and align our panels, allowing for customised arrangements that complements any interior style. Can be installed on any surface in diverse environment.