Greener Together for Sustainable Growth

Riding on its resounding success, Taiwan Excellence returns to ARCHIDEX 2024 to unveil the many specially featured smart innovations from Taiwan, advocating sustainable living and helping create a cleaner and greener world.

Here are the products from 11 award-winning companies on offer:

  1. Everlight Chemical’s Eversorb® AQ Light Stabilizer for Waterborne Coating addresses aging and deterioration of polymers.

  2. D-Link’s Smart Mesh Routers offer reliable, uninterrupted online experience with advanced AI.

  3. AMA Tech’s energy-saving Mobile Tank Fan is IP57 rated, airflow reaching 36m.

  4. Hiss’s Dock-able Roller Screen and Barrier Free Pleated Screen optimise space.

  5. Alaska’s Mini Anti-bacterial Circulator and DC Ventilator are efficient and easy to install.

  6. E Ink Prism delivers print-quality colours with low-power consumption.

  7. Medusa’s Waterproof coating, made with recycled materials, offers superb abrasion resistance.

  8. FECA presents its industrial suction cups in innovative homeware applications with elegant design.

  9. Sauberair’s IoT air purifier is the world’s slimmest purifier with a picture frame design and Bluetooth speakers.

  10. YZtek’s e+Autoff provides automatic stove timer functionality, easily installed on most gas cookers.

  11. Waterson’s Multifunction Closer Hinges combine up to three door hardware functions into one attractive and unobtrusive component.